Border Security / Immigration

The Tucson, AZ border sector is one of the busiest for illicit activity. Arizona families deserve to be safe in their communities.
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Human trafficking, sex trafficking, coyotes
  • Flow of illegal drugs across our borders, including heroin cocaine, marijuana, and counterfeit opioids
  • In 2016, 64,000 Americans died by opioid overdose, a dramatic increase from 2003

  "The solution is to control the border by establishing a layered defense, as well as working with our neighbors to the south as equal partners against crime and violence."

    John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff & Former DHS Secretary General

We need to build the wall.
  • Securing our national borders is paramount and non-negotiable as a precursor to immigration reform. We need a strong and effective wall, along with a robust border patrol presence supported by sophisticated technology.
  • All illegal alien persons and those covered under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) provisions are subject to current immigration law to include imprisonment and deportation. Those individuals of felony or violent offense status shall be prioritized. End chain migration and the lottery system.
Douglas Land Port of Entry (LPOE): The physical space required to process people and materials is woefully inadequate.

  • The Douglas LPOE was built in 1933 (85 years ago) and had a minor facelift in 1993 (25 years ago).
  • Presents an imminent security and economic threat to the entire region;
  • Adversely impacts the city and suppresses our local and regional economies;
  • Three independent studies (GSA - 2007, ADOT - 2012, AZ Gov. - 2013) highlight the problem and that it's getting worse.

  “We clearly need more physical and technological barriers, and need more capacity to effectively process private and commercial vehicles through the border and maritime ports of entry."

    John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff & Former DHS Secretary General
The "Two Port" Solution: a common design throughout the world.
  1. Design, fund and build a new commercial port of entry (C-LPOE) west of Douglas. ​​This would be designed as a bypass, removing freight, cargo, and hazardous materials from passing through the city limits - creating a boom in commerce and investment appeal.
  2. Redesign, fund and modernize the car/pedestrian land port downtown to align with and compliment the current Douglas revitalization efforts - bolstering retail traffic and tourism.
Both ports would support an increased traffic flow with state of the art screening systems, allowing an expedited traffic flow coupled with an enhanced security footprint.


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