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Frank Antenori Endorses Brandon Martin
Frank Antenori is a former Arizona Senator. Frank is a lifelong Republican and gives his full support to Martin for Freedom. Read more
 'Time we get serious’: Az ranchers support Trump’s move to militarize border
“By God, it’s time we get serious. And if it takes the military, then do it.” John Ladd did not mince words as he stood at the fence separating Arizona and Mexico, his face shaded by the brim of his straw cowboy hat. Read more

CD 2: Brandon Martin (R)

CD 2: Brandon Martin (R)
Loyalty to my country and a duty to protect our natural rights, given to us by God, is at the forefront of my motivation to public service. Respect for our freedom and liberties drives my dedication to Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. Read more
AZ CD 2: Conservative Brandon Martin deserves your vote
Brandon Martin far superior to recycled leftist Ann Kirkpatrick, radical RINO Lea Marquez-Peterson Read more
Four Republicans vie to replace McSally in Congressional District 2
A former Army intelligence professional stationed at Fort Huachuca, Martin also quit his job to run for Congress. Read more
Lea Marquez-Peterson For Congress? - Thoughts On Chain Migration, More
Lea gives her take on immigration including chain migration. You have to hear her reaction when Garrett Lewis brought up chain migration. Hint: She doesn't know what it is. Read more
Liberal Lea Shows Her True Colors on DACA
Left Wing Lea discusses her dissapointment with Donald Trump and his support to end DACA status for illegal immigrants. Read more

Trump: 2,000-4,000 Troops Needed for Mexico Border Security

Trump: 2,000-4,000 Troops Needed for Mexico Border Security
​PHOENIX (AP) — President Donald Trump said Thursday that he wants to send between 2,000 and 4,000 National Guard members to the U.S.-Mexico border to help federal officials fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking, but it wasn't clear who would be called up or if they would even be allowed to carry guns. Read more
Second Amendment ‘Never’ Will Be Repealed, Trump Vows
President Donald Trump vowed emphatically in a tweet Wednesday that “the Second Amendment will never be repealed,” the day after publication of a retired Supreme Court justice’s commentary in favor of doing just that. Read more

Free speech cannot be sacrificed to strike fake news

  • 2018-04-06
  • Source: The Hill
  • by: Sandeep Gopalan
Free speech cannot be sacrificed to strike fake news
Is fake news a real problem or a phantom menace? Read more
GOP Congress Candidate Lea “Chapter 7” Peterson Squirms on Trump Question
Lea “Chapter 7” Marquez-Peterson spent most of a recent MSNBC interview ducking questions — at first disavowing Trump because she is a “local candidate.” Read more
Brandon Martin on The Morning Ritual with Garrett Lewis
Brandon Martin is a GOP candidate for CD2. He talks about illegal immigration, trade, Trump and how establishment candidate Lea Marquez-Peterson told him to drop out of the race and won't waste time debating. Read more
McCain’s Grip On AZGOP Tightens, Seaton Raising Questions
The McCain machine operates in part to ensure that populist or conservative candidates do not make it out of Republican primaries. Only the most mega-corporate-friendly candidates and their consultants are granted access to all of the Party’s resources. Read more
Minuteman Founder Endorses Brandon Martin for Congress
Aliso Viejo, CA – Minuteman Project Founder and President Jim Gilchrist, the nation's leading grassroots activist on the issue of immigration reform and border security, announced he is endorsing Brandon Martin in the Republican Primary in the Second Congressional District of Arizona. Gilchrist cited Martin’s strong stand on securing our borders, never supporting amnesty, and building a wall on the district’s border with Mexico. Polls show that immigration reform and border security remains one of the top issues facing voters of the state of Arizona in the upcoming August 28 Primary. Read more
Brandon Martin Receives Endorsement From Randy Graf, Former Member of the Arizona State House
Randy Graf, former member of the Arizona State House, has endorsed Brandon Martin for Congress in Arizona's 2nd Congressional District. Read more
Kimberly DeMarco, Endorses Brandon Martin for Congress
"Brandon Martin For Congress! I endorse Brandon for Congress." Read more
Congressional Candidate Brandon Martin on The Josh Bernstein Show
Brandon Martin joins John Bernstein to discuss his campaign and expose why Lea Marquez Peterson is NOT who she claims to be. Read more

The Tucson Weekly profiles Brandon Martin

The Tucson Weekly profiles Brandon Martin
Motivated by a dissatisfaction with the inner workings of Washington, Army Instructor Brandon Martin has thrown his hat into the ring for Martha McSally’s open seat in Congress. Read more
Brandon Martin Makes Another Appearance on Wake Up Tucson
Listen to Brandon discuss issues that affect America and southern Arizona. Read more
Green Valley News: Campaign 101: How not to do it
Lea Marquez-Peterson is a Republican running for Martha McSally’s seat in Congressional District 2. If money talks, she’s a shoo-in. She’s light-years ahead of her three GOP competitors in fundraising. Read more


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