Brandon Martin Receives Endorsement From Randy Graf, Former Member of the Arizona State House

With less than a month away before the early ballots began to start filling up the letter boxes and little under 2 months before the Arizona Primary, Randy Graf, the former member of the Arizona State House, declared his support for Brandon Martin for Congress in Arizona's 2nd Congressional District.

"I've been in the political arena and I am giving my full support to Brandon Martin for Congress Arizona's 2nd Congressional District! Brandon Martin talks about freedom, liberty, defending the Constitution - and I believe him." - Randy Graf

In 2000 Graf was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives from the 30th District. During his second term in the legislature he was elected as House Majority Whip. He also served as the state chairman of the American Legislative Exchange. He later resigned from the State House to run in the Republican Congressional primary for the 8th District. He campaigned with a message of "get tough" on illegal immigration, an issue that resonated particularly for residents among Arizona's border with Mexico because it has become a major ground for smuggling.

"A Congress that fails to accomplish anything can be and will be replaced and it starts here in CD2 with Brandon Martin" - Randy Graf


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