Kimberly DeMarco, Endorses Brandon Martin for Congress

Kimberly DeMarco comes out in full support for Brandon Martin for Congress!

"Brandon Martin For Congress! I endorse Brandon for Congress. He's a conservative and puts the people of Arizona first. Join me in voting for Martin for Congress!" 

Kimberly DeMarco a longtime resident of Arizona with diverse background of real estate mortgages and investing. Kimberly, now currently working as a branch manager/licensed residential mortgage lender with Sunstreet Mortgage, at the start of professional career enlisted in the United States Marine Force. After serving in the Marine Corps, Kimberly join the Arizona State Police Force to protect and serve her community.

"I am a former United States Marine and a retired Arizona State Police Officer. I take pride in everything I do and believe it is important to give back to the community you live in." 

Kimberly DeMarco is a stalwart leader in her community with an exception background, and takes pride in every task that comes before her. Kimberly is on the Board of Directors for the Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the American Business Women's Association and Valley Business Networkers. With the many responsibilites presented on Kimberly she manages to offer many of her hours to volunteering with youth organizations in Arizona.
"As a longtime resident of Arizona with a background in real estate mortgages and investing, I understand what it takes to “get the job done.” 



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