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Starts in Arizona's 2nd Congressional District

“The Road for Freedom Starts Here”

Brandon Martin is a candidate of and for the people, that will work tirelessly fighting to secure freedom and individual liberties for the citizens of Arizona’s Second Congressional District.  Brandon has lived in Sierra Vista, Arizona since 2006. As he has done for most all of his adult life Brandon wishes to continue serving his fellow Arizonans by seeking election to the U.S. Congress. Most importantly Brandon is a Christian, a father to his daughter Isabella, an Arizonan and proud citizen of these United States.
Martin for Freedom

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Green Valley News: Taking his plans to Washington
Brandon Martin’s windshield tells the story. Bug splatters. Everywhere. “And this is only from Green Valley,” he tells me with a laugh. Martin is running as a Republican in Congressional District 2, the seat left open by U.S. Rep. Martha McSally. The campaign trail has really done a number on his truck. He’s among a handful of Republicans and a bigger handful of Democrats who want the job. Only one of each will come out of the primary at the end of August. Read more


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